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Silvery Light Sailing

Set sail with us on board LEADER, a traditonally rigged tall ship from 1892

Experience classic sailing on Northern Ireland's only tall ship.

Promoting  maritime heritage, and access to historic vessels and skills in the community

Enjoy a locally crewed and operated historic vessel, learning more about life at sea under sail and the traditional skills that keep a boat like LEADER going strong 130 years on...


We are also an educational platform for schools, a tourist draw and star attraction at  festivals, coastal community and maritime events. 

Available for private charter and event hire.

Comments from our guests

I really enjoyed the history of it all and the fact we passed close by home and Carrickfergus Castle

Participant, Wild Women of the Wood

Group of Volunteers
Silverylight Volunterring.jpeg

Friends & Volunteering

Volunteers of all ages and experience levels welcome. Find out about what opportunities we have available.

In Partnership with

Sail Training Ireland


Sail Training

A sail training voyage can be  a life changing experience. It is a  challenging and fun way to develop self-confidence. It provides a  structured,  secure, challenging  environment with defined boundaries and a clear common purpose.


Sail training teaches young people life skills to improve their employment prospects and broaden their horizons.  This includes learning teamwork & communication skills, decision making & planning skills, learning about resilience and respect as well as developing self-confidence, in a fun, adventurous and enjoyable setting.

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