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Volunteer Crew
2024 Sailing Season

LEADER sails with a professional crew of a Skipper, Mate and Bosun


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer Crew Member, and helping our crew deliver safe and exciting voyages at sea, while also boosting your own seafaring skills and experience - please register your interest with this application form and we'll add you to our volunteer crew list.

Make a Donation

Unlike in Great Britain, where there are numerous traditional working sailing ships, LEADER is the only such heritage vessel working in Northern Ireland

By keeping LEADER afloat, you'll be supporting:

  • sail training opportunites for young people

  • access to a tall ship for the whole community

  • a revival of traditional seafaring and boatbuilding skills

  • a platform for local maritime history


Thank you for your generous support.


Donate equipment

Do you have woodworking machinery, tools or materials that you may no longer have use for? 

We may be able to use them in our boatbuilding workshops or restoration projects.

Click the button below to donate now

Share our donation link with others

Sponsorship Opportunities

Can you sponsor a specific part of the vessel? 

New sails, a power tool or a berth for a trainee.


Contact us to discuss how we could help your business


Help us keep LEADER seaworthy and sailing

Become a Trustee

The Board of Trustees would like to recruit additional members to join them as we deliver on our mission to bring Leader to more people and ports in the coming years. Particularly (but not exclusively) those with sailing, administrative, financial, fundraising, PR, or youth work experience. 

Volunteer Crew Member

Help to crew Leader with guests on board
Learn new seafaring skills
Support our professional crew

Volunteer Refit

Help with annual winter refit and ongoing maintenance


And so much more...

If you are interested in getting involved but aren't sure how you'd like to contribute to the project, please don't hesitate to get in touch! You don't need previous experience sailing or boatbuilding to make an impact.

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